Meet the Team

Shinyong Park

Founder / CEO

Shinyong Park is the co-founder of DDING! Interested in Data Science, Business, and Mathematics, he hopes to make the world a better place to live in by providing various services after identifying trend patterns and personal preferences. He is currently a Junior at Korea International School Jeju Campus.

Yoonseo Ko

Founder / CEO

Yoonseo Ko is the co-founder of DDING!, attending Korea International School Jeju. As someone who values connectedness and sharing, she hopes to bring the community together and create a welcoming community through DDING!. 

Lawrence Bae

Founder / CTO / Ambassador (NLCS)

Lawrence Bae is the co-founder of DDING! Interested in computer science, makers, business, mathematics, and physics, he always uses his skills to the end to find out the society's problems and needs and solve them. He is Y12 in NLCS JEJU.

Joey Heo

Engineer / Ambassador (SJA)

Joey Heo is the founder of Vega Space, Piston Tiles, Panoramia Academy, TED-ED Talks, and Solar Tracker. He hopes to bring positive changes to the world by initiating changes in a variety of subjects and fields. 

Boksin Chang

Ambassador (BHA) / CCO

Boksin Chang is the BHA ambassador of DDING! As an ambassador of DDING she is responsible for connecting various events in BHA to DDING to unite our community. 

Daniel Ham

Ambassador (KISJ) / CMO

Daniel Ham is the KISJ ambassador of DDING!. He is a student at Korea International School Jeju and is responsible for collecting and advertising the events in KISJ to DDING! 

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